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The Department of Astrophysics, Astronomy and Mechanics is located in building 4 [PHYS-IV] of    the Faculty of Physics and it accommodates:

3rd floor

  • Offices of academic staff
  • Office of visiting Professors and Scientists
  • Offices of post-graduate students and post-docs
  • Lecture rooms
  • Library
  • Secretariat

2nd floor

  • Laboratory of Astrophysics
  • Laboratory of Astronomy
  • Laboratory of Observational Astrophysics
  • Laboratory of Applied Optics
  • Fully equipped dark room
  • Holography laboratory with holographic table
  • Optometry laboratory with basic equipment
  • visual positioning rack (5m length) with full optical and mechanical equipment
  • Laboratory with microscopes and micro-photography/macro-photography apparatus
  • Room with a selection of different types of telescopes and different mountings
  • Spectroscopy laboratory (Zeeman analyzer)
  • Laser and optical fibers laboratory
  • Machine room

A 5m dome from OBSERVADOME, on the roof of the building of the Faculty of Physics, houses a 0.4m telescope equipped with modern instruments (CCD cameras, a Diffraction Grating Spectrograph, focal reducer, filters etc.). The observatory, apart from the dome, includes a large control room and a small apartment used for overnight accommodation for the observer and for the occasional foreign visitors. The telescope was installed in March 1998 and was a gift by the late L. Gerostathopoulos, the chairman of the company which constructed the University buildings. (see http://observatory.phys.uoa.gr)