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Director: Assoc. Prof Despina Hatzidimitriou 

The Laboratory of Astronomy makes use the available infrastructure of the Sectiont of Astrophysics, Astronomy and Mechanics for supporting the general education offered by the Department in undergraduate and postgraduate level courses to the students of Physics and Mathematics. The Laboratory Exercises supplements the courses of General Astronomy, Applied Optics and Methods of Astronomical Observations and Data Reduction. Students are trained with modern instruments (telescopes, optical and measuring instruments) in basic subjects of Astronomy, Astrophysics and Applied Optics. They also learn how to use the modern methods of astronomical observations and the reduction of data obtained from ground-based and space observatories.


Director: Prof. Apostolos Mastichiadis 

The Laboratory of Astrophysics supports the compulsory course Core Laboratory I offered to all of the students (~ 350 per year) of the Department of Physics. The students are trained in various subjects of basic Astrophysics such as, Stellar Physics, Space Physics, Galactic and Extragalactic Astronomy, Stellar Spectroscopy, Reduction of Data from Space, Solar Physics and Relativity and Cosmology. Moreover, teachers from high schools get a further training in specialized topics of Astrophysics and Space Science



Director: Prof. Ioannis A. Daglis

A 5m dome on the roof of the building of the Faculty of Physics, houses a 0.4m telescope equipped with modern instruments (CCD Cameras, and Diffraction Grating Spectrograph). The Observatory, apart from the dome, includes a large control room and a small apartment used for overnight accommodation for the observer and Iits occasional visitors. The telescope was installed in March 1998 and was a gift by the late L. Gerostathopoulos, the chairman of the company which constructed the University buildings.

The 0.4 m telescope of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens has revolutionized the astronomical education offered by the University of Athens at the undergraduate and postgraduate level. Modern observational and data reduction techniques are exercised with the use of the telescope’s modern instrumentation. The high quality of the new instrument guarantees its use for carrying out some specialized research programs and for participation in international campaigns and in time demanding projects.

(website: http://observatory.phys.uoa.gr)